About This Webinar
80% of enterprise data exists in unstructured format - in the emails, attachments and documents we work with daily. This opens the door to significant risks, particularly as employees use email to send and receive sensitive information.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office’s own trends show that data exposed to unauthorised access has been the top cause of reported security incidents in 2020, and recent research into this problem shows that the average organisation experiences an email data breach every 12 working hours. This problem is only growing, with an even greater reliance on email by employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hear from Steve Hill, Global Head of Technology, Cyber and Third Party Risk at Credit Suisse, and Kev Eley, VP of Enterprise Sales at Egress, as they discuss the risks that enterprises face from email, and the strategies you should be taking to prevent security incidents.
  • How to identify and map the operational and other risks in your organisation, especially those linked to email use
  • What are the threats and what has been the impact of COVID-19 and remote working on email security
  • Key considerations for remediating risks to unstructured data, including technological controls
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    Our vision is for a connected world in which people communicate efficiently and securely. To achieve this, we provide human layer security to protect individual users and stop breaches before they happen. Our patented technologies are built using leading-edge contextual machine learning and powerful encryption that mitigate modern risks in ways that other solutions simply can’t achieve.

    Today, we provide intelligent email security and collaboration solutions that prevent accidental and intentional breaches, protect sensitive data, and equip CISOs and their teams with the detailed reporting required for compliance purposes.

    Egress is headquartered in London, with regional offices in the UK, the US, Canada and the Netherlands.
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    Steve Hill
    Global Head of Technology, Cyber and Third Party Risk, Credit Suisse
    Steve is Credit Suisse Global Head of Technology, Cyber, and ThirdParty Non-Financial Risk Management. He was previously deputy director, with responsibility for aspects of UK Government cybersecurity policy, at the National Security Secretariat of the Cabinet Office. He served for over thirty years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a variety of national security roles.
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    Kev Eley
    VP of Enterprise Sales, Egress
    Kev leads the enterprise business for Egress Software helping financial services organisations teams improve their ability to measure and reduce operational risks in their e-mail systems; ultimately reducing the likelihood of e-mail data breaches. He has over 10 years’ experience in the cybersecurity sector and held senior positions in the industry working at organisations such as TrapX, LogRhythm and Microsoft. He is very interested in all aspects of cyber and its implications on society.