Circuit Mind publicly unveils ACE: the world’s first deterministic AI that lets electronics teams go from architecture to schematic in 60 seconds, so that they can get to market faster, avoid respins, and create smaller, cheaper, more power-efficient products.

Learn how to optimise over billions of component combinations, avoid datasheet doom-scrolling, reduce schematic errors and design for supply chain resilience in minutes with Circuit Mind’s algorithmic component selection and schematic generation technology.
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    Tomide Adesanmi
    Electronic Systems Engineer, Co-founder, CEO
    Tomide is an Electronic Systems Engineer and the Co-founder/CEO of Circuit Mind. Before Circuit Mind, Tomide was an electronic systems engineer at BAE Systems, developing high integrity Heads Up Display Systems and Helmet Mounted Display Systems for jet fighter pilots. Circuit Mind is a deep technology company on a mission to 100x the life's work of electronic teams.
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    Basilio Gentile
    Algorithm Engineer, Co-founder, CTO
    Basilio is an Algorithm Engineer with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich. He serves as the Co-founder/CTO of Circuit Mind. His expertise lies in applied mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Circuit Mind is a deep technology company dedicated to 100x'ing the life's work of electronic teams.
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    Zachariah Peterson
    Electronic Engineer, Owner, Northwest Engineering Solutions
    Zachariah started his career in academia before working in the electronics industry. He founded Northwest Engineering Solutions, a PCB design services firm focusing on high-speed digital design, RF systems, sensor fusion systems, and mil-aero. His client list includes small startups, Fortune 500s, and some of the biggest names in EDA software.