The EducationUSA SAT Boot Camp is a five-session intensive for Canadian students who are preparing to take the SAT exam. These sessions are free of charge.

Session 1 is a full-length, live, proctored practice test. The goal of this session is for students to take a full SAT without studying. This way the test acts as a diagnostic and will allow for students to see how a full test feels and what concepts they already are comfortable with as well as which ones they need to work on.

We will be using SAT Practice Test #1. You can download the Practice Test and supporting documents at this website:

Using the test:
- Print the test (if possible) for the most test-like experience
- OR download the PDF onto a tablet where you can mark the exam
- OR if you have your own test in an SAT study guide at home, you can use that instead
- OR if you cannot do any of these things, you will need to use the exam digitally

Other tips to create a "test-like environment":
- Please do not review any of the materials prior to the test
- Please do not open the answer guide until the test is completed
- There is no need to study prior to the exam, as this test will serve as your baseline score.

If you cannot attend live:
- You can self-test at home at any time. After the exam, you will receive a recording that you can use to guide you through taking the test.
Jenika advises students across Canada on the process of applying to U.S. universities. EducationUSA is a free service funded by the U.S. Department of State.