About This Webinar
Liberal arts colleges provide a small, undergraduate-focused learning environment. Learn about what the liberal arts are and how you can take advantage of these uniquely American institutions.

This session will begin with a 15-minute presentation on "What are the Liberal Arts?" presented by EducationUSA adviser Jenika Heim. You will then learn about 8 liberal arts colleges and universities. Admissions officers will present on their majors, learning environment, campus, scholarships, admissions procedures, and more!

AGENDA (Times in Eastern)
3:00 - What are the Liberal Arts?, EducationUSA
3:15 - Bennington College (VT)
3:30 - Linfield University (OR)
3:45 - Franklin & Marshall College (PA)
4:00 - Concordia College (MN)
4:15 - Wesleyan College (GA)
4:30 - Oberlin College & Conservatory (OH)
4:45 - Beloit College (WI)
5:00 - Lincoln University (PA)
5:15 - End of program
Jenika Heim
Jenika advises students across Canada on the process of applying to U.S. universities. EducationUSA is a free service funded by the U.S. Department of State.
Beloit College
Hernan Santacruz - Admission Counselor
Beloit College, Wisconsin's oldest-continuously running college, is a liberal arts and sciences institution that for 175 years has provided students around the country, and the world, a hands-on, experiential, deeply purposeful education. With more than 50 programs to choose from, world-class museums, peerlessly devoted professors, and a vibrant community, Beloit engages the intellectual curiosity of students to create society-changers and out-of-the-box thinkers.
Bennington College
Wesley Haaf, Admissions Counselor
Bennington College is a small progressive liberal arts college in southwestern Vermont. With about 700 students on campus, we have redefined the progressive liberal arts since our start in the 1930s. Bennington students work with a committee of faculty advisors to develop their own unique, interdisciplinary educations by focusing on multiple areas of study. Students take their work out into the world for a six-week internship each winter as part of Field Work Term. Bennington students approach their studies in a deeply creative, intellectual, and real-world sense, inspiring each other to grow and make change in the world.
Concordia College
Steve Schaefer, Senior Associate Director of International Admission
Concordia College is a private, residential liberal arts college offering majors, concentrations and minors in over 120 academic areas, most notably neuroscience, business, communications, biology, psychology, education and music. There are over 100 student organizations and 22 women's and men's NCAA Division III athletic teams. The Fargo-Moorhead community where we are located is a thriving city of nearly 300,000 people with ample opportunity for internships, research, community service and entertainment.
Franklin & Marshall College
Carly Hernandez, Associate Director of Admission
Franklin & Marshall is a private liberal arts college established in 1787 in Lancaster, PA, 60 miles west of Philadelphia. The College enrolls 2,400 students. The average class size is 16 students, and the faculty-to-student ratio is 9:1. Our students receive more than $500,000 in research grants every year.

At Franklin & Marshall, we emphasize learning by doing, not just by listening and watching. All students are lifelong members of a College House-five distinct hubs of academic, extracurricular and social engagement in a residential setting. Guided by faculty dons and administrative prefects, students govern their houses, develop leadership skills, and create their own social and intellectual programs.
Lincoln University
Terri Joseph, International Adviser
Lincoln University was founded in 1854 as the nation's first degree-granting Historically Black College and University, or HBCU. Originally chartered as Ashmun Institute, it was re-named Lincoln University in 1866 in honor of President Abraham Lincoln.

Since the beginning, Lincoln has attracted an interracial and international enrollment from the surrounding community, region, and around the world. Today, our liberal arts and science-based degree programs serve a diverse student body, representing many cultures, countries, and career interests
Linfield University
Patrick Wilson, Senior Associate Director of Admission
Linfield University has more nearly 1,500 undergraduate students on our main campus, located one hour outside of Portland, Oregon. Featuring a College of Arts and Sciences with a variety of traditional liberal arts programs, as well as a School of Nursing and School of Business, a Linfield education is diverse, well-rounded, and hands-on with more than 80 percent of students completing an internship or research project prior to graduation.
Oberlin College & Conservatory
Bill Prescott, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Known for its robust academics and progressive history, Oberlin College & Conservatory is a residential campus of 2,900 students. Located just 35 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio, our 440-acre campus offers the best of both worlds: the coziness of a small town plus access to a major U.S. city.

At the crossroads of a top-ranked liberal arts college and conservatory of music, Oberlin offers one of the world’s great undergraduate educations. Our students and faculty meet in collaborative communities— intellectual and social, scientific and creative—where we engage humanity’s most vexing challenges and debates with intention, patience, and rigor.
Wesleyan College
Yasmin Pineda, Assistant Director of International Recruitment
Wesleyan College is committed to women's education and helping every student find her voice and purpose. Founded in 1836 as the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Wesleyan provides students an academically challenging and relevant liberal arts education.