Avoiding Liability while Establishing Relationships with Community Partners
About this Webinar

​More than ever, schools rely upon the generosity, support, and assistance of 3rd-party nonprofit groups like PTAs, Booster Clubs, and charitable foundations to help fund and operate important school programs. But what happens when a 3rd-party group violates the law? While the benefits of these organizations are immeasurable in times of financial hardship, public schools need to consider the potential liability of their affiliations. Can a public school be held responsible for the mistakes and misdeeds of these groups? What can schools do to limit legal exposure while still taking advantage of the benefits of these relationships?

In this webinar, nationally-recognized school law attorney Erin D. Gilsbach discusses how schools can minimize potential liability when working with 3rd-party community organizations, such as PTAs,. Booster Clubs, and foundations. She provides tips, tools, and best practices for maximizing these crucial relationships while minimizing potential liability.

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    Erin Gilsbach
    Erin D. Gilsbach, Esq., is the Executive Director of EdLaw Interactive, which specializes in legal training for educators and school administrators. An experienced speaker both nationally and in her home state of Pennsylvania, Erin currently serves as the Board of Directors of NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys and President of the PSBA Solicitors Association. She provides legal consulting and training services to schools, education-related organizations in the areas of special education; development of legally-defensible policies and procedures; trending legal issues regarding technology and education; nursing and school health services; truancy prevention; child abuse prevention and mandated reporting; educator evaluation and discipline; and many other school law topics.

    Voted a "Rising Star Attorney" by her peers for 5 consecutive years, Erin began her career as a public high school English teacher, and she served for several years at the PA Department of Education’s Office of Chief Counsel. She was selected as the Missouri Council of Administrators of Special Education's (CASE) "2018 Distinguished Speaker." In 2017, she served as the legal consultant for the desk reference "Legal Issues in School Health Services,” and she is the author of a handbook on health-related special education issues for LRP Publications, which is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2019.