Thank you to all of those who have been sending in questions and attending the webinars! In response to the overwhelming interest in the special education issues, we are hosting an expanded version of this webinar in Q&A format.

In this session, we will discuss the challenges of offering FAPE in a quarantine or self-quarantine setting, identify current federal guidance regarding providing services to students with special needs during the COVID-19 quarrantine or a similar crisis, explain the potential discrepancies and impact of differences between black-letter law & federal/state guidance, and examine potential challenges and issues not addressed by current established state or federal guidance.

Participants are encouraged to go to edlawinteractive.com and type questions into the "Coronavirus & K-12 Schools Discussion Forum" under the Special Ed. tab. We will be taking questions directly from that forum as well as during the webinar.
Friday April 3, 2020, starting at 1:00 PM EDT
Erin Gilsbach
Executive Director
Attorney Erin D. Gilsbach, a nationally-recognized speaker and author, is the Executive Director and founder of EdLaw Interactive. Atty. Gilsbach specializes in legal training for schools. A member of the Board of Directors of NSBA's Council of School Attorneys and Past President of the PSBA Solicitors Association, Erin has vast experience in the field of education, from teaching public high school, then serving in the legal office of the PA Department of Education, and later, representing public, private, and charter school clients for over a decade. In 2017, Erin left the traditional practice of law and founded EdLawInteractive.com, which helps schools proactively address legal issues through effective and engaging legal professional development. She recently published a handbook through LRP Publications regarding legally-defensible practices for educating students with medical needs entitled "Student Health Services under IDEA and Section 5o4: Legal Principles - Compliance Issues - Practical Solutions." Erin is a frequent presenter and author with the National School Boards Association, the NSBA Council of School Attorneys, the National Business Institute, the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, LRP's National Institute, and many others. She has presented at the annual conferences of a number of state school boards associations and Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) chapters, and she has provided school law trainings at hundreds of schools both in her home state of Pennsylvania and nationwide.
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