From Summer Fridays to long weekends and grill nights, Bordeaux has a style for every occasion. Did you know that the U.S. is the #1 market for Bordeaux whites? Have you explored the latest Bordeaux Rosés and the full range of reds? There’s a Bordeaux for every budget, palate, and customer. Our experts will guide you on the latest trends and fresh ideas to connect with your customers and maximize your sales this summer.
  • We'll dive deep into the variety of fresh styles and the expanded consumption occasions throughout summer.
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    Bordeaux Wine School
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    Mary Gorman-McAdams
    Master of Wine & Bordeaux Educator
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    Christy Canterbury
    Master of Wine
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    Jean-Jacques Dubourdieu
    Managing Director, Domaines Denis Dubourdieu
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    Wendy Narby
    Bordeaux Wine School Educator, Q&A Expert