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    • How RISK Management is performed within ECLIPSE for Space Projects or Missions?
    • How RISK Management can be better performed in your industry or organisation using “Qualified in Space” software?
    • How best of Space solutions will benefit your organisation

    In this webinar, we will examine the possibilities that the ECLIPSE Software Suite offers you when either managing your RISKs in a Space project or mission or wishing to incorporate the principles into your own organisation/sector. The ECLIPSE Suite provides the ability to perform end-to-end RISK Management remotely and electronically, through every phase of your project. We will explore the end-to-end process from RISK capture within the RISK Register; through to RISK analysis and escalation, and culminating in RISK Reduction Measures and Action Traceability. You will learn what applications exist within the ECLIPSE Software Suite and when they can be introduced for maximum benefit and project control.

    • Learn about the simple, safe and secure ECLIPSE Software Suite
    • End-to-end ECSS RISK Management of a space project remotely
    • Full online collaboration for the RISK Management Team and key stakeholders

    Who should attend:
    This Webinar is of particular interest to anyone new to the ECLIPSE Suite and interested in the possibility of using a centralised affordable software platform for managing project RISKs in a quality-controlled environment. Existing users of the ECLIPSE Software Suite are welcome to learn more about when and how best to introduce the RISK Management module.
  • Agenda
    • RISK Management within an ECSS Space Project Lifecycle
    • Easy tailoring to your RISK Management Strategy for Domains, Likelihood, and Severity
    • Simple setup for a comprehensive RISK Register, RISK Analysis, and Escalation
    • Optimising the ECLIPSE suite for Risk Reduction Measures and Action Tracking
    • Dashboards and Reporting
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