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    We’ve all experienced the dreaded flat backlog. Sean Blake - Head of Marketing at Easy Agile will explain how user story mapping can be used to create a customer-focused view of prioritized work.

    Thousands of issues, captured over years or decades.

    All these business requirements and bright ideas pile up to form an impressive wall of ‘everything we didn’t do’.

    It’s incoherent, depressing and has no sense of being customer-focused.

    So why do we keep them? There’s a better way.

    A user story map creates a 3D view of customer touch points and gives the team better clarity into what they are trying to achieve and which persona they are seeking to serve.

    Looking for a better view in Jira?
    Easy Agile TeamRhythm supports agile teams from planning through to delivery and review, with a view of work that offers visual context. With features that support user story mapping, sprint and version planning, backlog refinement, and retrospectives for scrum and kanban teams, Easy Agile TeamRhythm is a solution for all agile teams.
    Product Tour: go.easyagile.com/TeamRhythm
    Try for yourself: go.easyagile.com/TRdemo
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