About This Webinar
The Society's Annual Members' General Assembly usually takes place at Congress. This year, EAS Congress dates have been moved to the autumn. There are nevertheless important business matters for the Society's members to consider, so we will hold the General Assembly as an online meeting on the date it had originally been planned. The meeting will be open to Individual members with a current, paid membership subscription.
  • §1 Welcome & overview of EAS Activities
  • §2 Minutes from General Assembly 2019 (vote to approve)
  • §3 Financial report 2019 (vote to approve)
  • §4 Membership fee 2021 (vote to approve)
  • §5 Auditor certificate 2019 (vote to approve), Appointment of auditor 2020 (vote to approve), Power of signature 2020-2021 (vote to approve)
  • §6 Election update
  • §7 Proposed amendments to the Society statutes (vote to approve)
  • §8 AOB & close
  • L
    Lale Tokgözoğlu
  • A
    Alberico Catapano
  • R
    Ruth Frikke-Schmidt
  • K
    Kausik Ray
  • A
    Alexandros Tselepis
  • A
    Arnold von Eckardstein
  • 1591104872-ebe878c1d595083d
    Paolo Parini
  • P
    Philippe Moulin