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How interior designers are discovering the "Easy Button" that leads to clear and simple pricing strategies and sends profits soaring...all while ending client push-back and online shopping forever!
  • Put an end to "pricing anxiety" and uncertainty with the understanding that pricing is based solely on the perceived value in the client's mind.
  • Understand "profit pools" and create a pricing table to incorporate into your Letter of Agreement and New Client Orientation.
  • Overcome any self-doubt or fears of "worthiness" when it comes to presenting your pricing options.
  • Stop leaving money on the table with every job!
  • Your pricing says more about your brand than all of your marketing and social media combined.
  • How markups of 70% and more are still easily available today.
  • Understanding TEV - the "total economic value" that allows you to capture more margin dollars
  • For those interested, an offer for a course in pricing mastery...and bonus courses worth $1,000s!