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About this Webinar
An in-depth, biblical conversation about worship.
  • Why Worship Moves God's Heart
  • How can we access and steward the Presence of God well?
  • A few Tips for the worshipper
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    Dominique Jones
    Doe Jones
    Doe Jones is a passionate musical artist currently living in Dallas, Texas...

    From Dallas, Doe currently travels around the world singing, speaking and inspiring people to deepen and strengthen their relationships with the Lord...

    Beneath her ministry and calling as an individual lies the foundation of her family, foreverJONES...

    Believe it or not, Doe, her parents, and her four brothers and sisters STILL get to travel together and minister as a family band... To date, foreverJONES has been nominated for 2 Grammys, 6 Stellars, and 4 Dove Awards...

    Although she has seen much success over the years, her heart desires to see people transformed, changed, and restored by her music, and the power of God’s presence.

    Doe has resolved in her heart to use every gift she possesses for the Glory of Jesus Christ.