People management skills transferable from graduate work

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About This Webinar
The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and it means that we live in a time of great promise and great peril. The world has the potential to connect billions more people to digital networks, dramatically improve the efficiency of organizations and even manage assets in ways that can help regenerate the natural environment, potentially undoing the damage of previous industrial revolutions. Human being working together are key to this and the World Economic Forum lists people management as part of the top 10 skills we all need. This webinar looks at the best and most direct parts of this skill and how we all can develop it.
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    E. Alana James
    Hi everyone, As owner and chief mentor for the site I have worked with over 50 doctoral candidates who now have graduated. This long term and intense work has let me see the patterns in writing dissertations and where they go right/or wrong. A key element is staying in touch - this keeps up your motivation AND helps those of us aiding you to see mistakes before they go too far. More as we share in the community and thanks for joining.