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Two emotional networks in our brains greatly affect how we see and process the world. Forget recycled right brain/left brain. fMRI studies show the positive emotional attractor (PEA) and the negative emotional attractor (NEA) drive whether we are creating, learning, and loving, or serious, task-oriented, and driven (as well as stressed). Use the two states depending on what you need to get done, and how much of each are required to be successful learning and creating. Know which triggers move you back and forth between the two networks.
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PD.Education gives you step-by-step explanations of the subtleties and skills you need to help your graduate education be less stressful. We cover academic writing, research design, work-life balance and transferable skills for later employment.
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I am driven by my mission to unleash everyone's full potential. I have a background in computer science, artificial intelligence, learning, facilitating, and administration. I'm a co-author of the Professional's Guide to Self-Growth and publish professionally about research in learning.
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