We live in a world full of uncertainty and that is the main common characteristic of its problems . Very few problems can be solved using traditional approaches because we don't know all the variables involved deeply anymore and there is not too much time to get such a knowledge. Then, what to do? Let's find the answer together.
Thu, Apr 21, 2022 · 5:00 PM London (GMT +1:00)
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pd.education by doctoralnet ltd
CEO and Founder
PD.Education gives you step-by-step explanations of the subtleties and skills you need to help your graduate education be less stressful. We cover academic writing, research design, work-life balance and transferable skills for later employment.
Maria Sanchez Patino
Ph.D. and Director of Design
Being a professor is my innate nature. I need to help students find their own ways of getting their goals. I have always compared my relationship with students as the one between Mr.Spock and Captain Kirk (original Star Trek) or Data and Captain Picard (Star Tek: The Next Generation): I identify the available options and the students make their decisions. That is what made me be part of DoctoralNet. I have experienced the challenges of online education for seventeen years and now I am enriching that experience teaching face-to-face courses that let me understand the needs of millennials and digital migrants more deeply. That learning is applied in my webinars and material.