This is the fifth of a series of ten weeks. Each week we'll cover a different topic and then the next logical steps will be laid out. While you can come and go, and of course all sessions will be recorded, it is hoped that a strong cohort of global attendees will be able to work simultaneously and support each other. Office hours will follow where any unresolved personal questions can be asked.

Session Five: All about lit review
Discussion of the literature review – does it scare you? NO reason for it to when you understand both what it is and what it is not. The criteria will help you mind map or outline your ideas, then you will partner with another participant and agree upon a time to critically assess for each other whether your ideas have met all the criteria.

Homework – work with your colleague and then go find more lit to fill any holes they find in your logic or in meeting the criteria.

Topic: Thesis Design & Proposal
Wednesday July 1, 2020, starting at 4:00 PM BST
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