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Recorded Wed, August 30, 2017 1:02 pm (EDT)
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    You’ve seen moving ads on your social media feed. Creating your own well designed animations including text, shape, photos and video is easier to achieve than it appears. Find a way to spice up the campaign for your business, film, nonprofit, or event.

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    Who should take this training:
    - Those with casual to intermediate experience and want to improve their approach
    - Anyone with a micro-budget project they want to get off the ground
    - Anyone with a crowdfunding campaign they need additional social media material for.

    About the Instructor:

    Kyle “Kylos” Brannon is an assistant professor of Film and Media Arts. He is a filmmaker, motion graphic designer, and video artist. His video collage piece, Forgetting Is Normal, ran for a month long solo exhibit at the Anacostia Arts Center and most recently, he contributed live video mixing to the performance piece Exquisite Depths, with Cultural DC’s Source Festival. His work with exhibit media has appeared in the Brown v. Board National Historic Site, the US Botanical Gardens, Historic Jamestowne, the National Constitution Center and other spaces around the country. He specializes in emerging media, including trends in smartphone filmmaking, motion graphics, online media production, and live video art. He produced the award-winning web series Stage Fright for NBC4 and American University and is currently in production for a documentary to be shot partially through smartphone production.
  • Agenda
    • How to create a layered ad
    • How to animate your ad using a “build” with Photoshop and Premiere
    • Plan a series of ads that you can schedule for maximum exposure
    • Tips for easy preparation of your videos and photos
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