Wondering if it is worthwhile attending this Seminar?
Click to play the video and listen to past participants. Each Seminar has its own flavour. We cover how the basics of buying psychology drive your business and digital strategy. In addition, during this seminar we are going to go a step further. We will bring many of the digital strategy concepts to life and walk you through the digital strategy journey. Then you can see exactly how digital can work for your business right now.

This webinar will be in Swedish.
Digital Scorecard
Kajsa Nordstrom
Senior Consultant and SME Advisor
Marknadsföringsstrateg med inriktning på SMFs och digital transformation
Givi Kokaia
Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
This webinar will show you…
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    Tip 1
    How to develop a digital strategy for growth
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    Tip 2
    Why understanding the psychology of buying is critical for Sales & Marketing
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    Tip 3
    Discover how you are doing with Digital and what to do about it