Project management isn’t just a profession—it’s a skill that you, as a digital marketer, will find hugely beneficial when accomplishing your day-to-day tasks, enhancing your efficiency and organizational prowess.

Projects are how work gets done and how strategy is executed, so becoming a 'project professional' plays a critical role in implementing the tools and mindsets needed for businesses to gain speed without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar 'Amplifying project management skill sets to enhance your career, we’ll be reviewing tips for amping up your role in digital marketing, for every career stage — and demonstrating how you can future-proof your career in the process.

Riina Gremminger
Global Marketing Lead, Disciplined Agile and ACP
Riina Gremminger is the Global Marketing Lead for the Agile Product Suite at Project Management Institute (PMI). Her primary areas of focus are go-to-market strategy, data analytics and omnichannel marketing.

Riina has been a digital marketer and strategist for fifteen years, with industry experience spanning law, healthcare, telecom, and education. She has contributed to award-winning advertising and has been a technical writer for nonfiction books and whitepapers. Riina has been a recurring guest lecturer on digital marketing at Temple University.

Riina earned a Master of Business Administration from the Fox School at Temple University with a concentration in Marketing, where she graduated with honors. She graduated cum laude from Klein College at Temple University with a BA in Media Communications. She is also a graduate of Recanati Management Consulting Practicum in Tel Aviv, Israel, and studied art history in Cairo, Egypt.

Riina enjoys strategic collaboration and creative problem solving and having fun while doing it! In her spare time, you can find her with her nose in a book, at the gym, or planning her next travel adventure.
Will Francis
Marketing Educator and Author
Will Francis is a recognised authority in digital marketing who’s worked with some of the world’s most loved brands.
As well as being the host of the DMI podcast, Ahead of the Game, Will shares his experience and expertise in the media, at conferences and in the courses he runs for the top marketing institutions globally.
Head to his website for tips, help and advice on becoming a better marketer.
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