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Episode #02:
Fix Bugs or Build New Features? An Intro to Technical Debt & Error Monitoring

James Smith — Founder & CEO of Bugsnag

Errors are inevitable. How do you manage your technical debt, protect valuable time at work, and help reduce costs? In this live webinar, James Smith, Co-founder & CEO of Bugsnag, will walk you through hacks and tricks that involve establishing:

1) A common language for discussion between engineering, product, QA, release management, and observability teams; and

2) A method to measure error impact and application health via stability scores.

This webinar explains how a data-driven approach provides a unified answer to the age-old question: Do we fix bugs or build new features?
Thu, Apr 23, 2020 · 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
  • Understanding the emotional drag of technical debt. (10 Minutes)
  • How to build alignment between Engineering, Product, QA, Release Management, and Observability teams. (10 Minutes)
  • How to develop features faster and remove the drag of technical debt. (10 Minutes)
  • Q&A session (15 Minutes)
— James Smith —
Founder and CEO
James Smith, is CEO and Co-Founder of Bugsnag, the leader in full-stack software stability management. Prior to founding Bugsnag in 2012, James was the CTO at Heyzap and was instrumental in scaling Heyzap from a 3-person company, to the world’s largest mobile gaming community and mobile ads platform with over 10 million users. James has also worked at Bloomberg and has created a number of popular open source projects (https://github.com/loopj), which are used by companies such as Twitter, Pinterest and Trello. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Math from the University of Bath in the UK.