DeveloperWeek 2022 Hackathon Workshop
Presented by symbl.ai

1st Place: $1500.00 in cash + $1500.00 in Symbl.ai developer credits & developer swag + 50K free Agora credits + Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod Mini
2nd Place: $750.00 in cash + $750.00 in Symbl.ai developer credits & developer swag + 25K free Agora credits + Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod Mini
Questions - Contact:deva.dedios@symbl.ai

Conversations are more than just an exchange of words, but are the essential fibers of meaningful human connections. We collaborate on projects, share content, attend conferences anywhere in the world, have virtual game nights, etc… all with a few simple clicks. These connections and experiences are made possible by innovators and builders, such as yourself.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to dream and bring to life new human connection experiences. Combine Agora’s rich interactive experience APIs with Symbl.ai’s conversation intelligence (AI that understands natural human conversations) to build a more enhanced and smarter conversation experience for any use case of your choice.

Examples may include enhancing accessibility experiences, building a virtual meeting assistant, enabling live captioning for streaming, analyzing sales conversations at scale, automating workflows from sprint meetings etc…the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Submissions must combine Symbl.ai and Agora APIs to qualify, and "bonus points" for using the Symbl.ai extension in Agora's Extensions Marketplace (see Agora's hackathon for more details). Good luck and happy hacking.
Wed, Feb 2, 2022 · 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT -8:00)
Akanksha Bhasin
Technical Community Evangelist @ symbl.ai
Akanksha Bhasin is a Technical Community Evangelist at Symbl.ai and works in the Devrel space. She is the Founder of Women in Voice India, a GHCI Scholar, and a Web and Voice developer. She has 3+ years of experience in building technical communities and has actively led Google's Developer Student Clubs. She has impacted more than 2000 developers by hosting sessions on different technologies across different parts of India. She has also mentored students in Google code-in, and several hackathons. She also loves talking start-ups, tech & anything related to community building.