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Episode #05:
CI/CD for Microservices: Best Practices and Lessons From the Trenches

Dan Garfield — Chief Technology Evangelist, Codefresh

You have finally split your big monolith into microservices built on top of Kubernetes!
Now what? How do you validate a more complex application? And how do you make it scale?

Instead of having one CI/CD pipeline, you have multiple. And as the number of microservices increases so does the number of pipelines. Managing pipelines for microservice applications can quickly get out of hand, especially when you try to reuse common pipeline parts between different applications.

If you apply monolithic solutions to microservice problems you're going to have a bad time. In this live talk, we look at two case studies, Expedia's journey to microservices, and Codefresh. If you try to treat microservices like monoliths you'll end up with thousands of broken pipelines that are impossible to maintain. Learn from the mistakes of the past and let us show you how we fought our way to something much better!

This live webcast has everything, tech tips, best practices, and yes, even the fabled business value that our bosses all seem to care so much about!
  • Why microservices?
  • How Expedia approached microservice CI/CD.
  • How we do it at Codefresh.
Dan Garfield
Chief Technology Evangelist
Dan Garfield is a full-stack engineer, Google Developer Expert, and member of the Forbes
Technology Council. As a Kubernaut and CI/CD expert, Dan has built tools for advanced
deployment methodologies with Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio. His code and talks have been
featured at conferences including Kubecon, Dev Week, Google Cloud Summit, SwampUp, Redis
Conf and many more.
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