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Episode #09:
Advanced Kubernetes Deployments with NGINX Ingress Controller

Amir Rawdat — Technical Marketing Engineer, F5
Raul Marrero Rodriguez — Software Engineer, F5

With more organizations expanding their usage in containerized software, Kubernetes will increasingly become the de facto standard for managing containerized workloads. Are you looking to effectively move/build production application workloads into Kubernetes ? Let NGINX get you there fast. In this webcast, you will learn how the latest developments of the NGINX ingress controller make deploying Kubernetes easier than ever before, and how to use our powerful ingress controller to configure advanced application delivery services in Kubernetes.
  • How the limitations of Kubernetes Ingress resources can be addressed with NGINX Ingress resources.
  • Leveraging RBAC and resource allocation for security, self-service and multi tenancy.
  • Configuring circuit breaker patterns with the NGINX IC
  • Configuring advanced content routing and A/B testing with the NGINX IC.
Amir Rawdat
Technical Marketing Engineer
Amir is a Technical Marketing Engineer for the NGINX business unit at F5. He started his career as a programmer, then moved to reproducing live customer networks in data centers and building software automation tools accelerating IT operations. Amir has a degree in Computer Engineering and hands-on experience with performance-tuning open source technologies on the Linux operating system.
Raul Marrero Rodriguez
Software Engineer
Raul is a Software Engineer for the NGINX business unit at F5. He primarily works in the design and development of the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller. He started his career coding web applications in Python, then he started to work with cloud environments and systems, switching Python for Go. Raul has a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science and experience integrating NGINX with several technologies like Prometheus, AWS services, etc.
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