Licensed Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software products are increasingly being used to develop and maintain software system applications. Licenses for these products range from single- to enterprise-wide use. COTS products are used in development/maintenance and in operations. Licenses are used for end-user authorization, technical support, and product modification. Army budget leadership has been looking at project budget requests for licenses for software maintenance. Are license costs increasing and at what rate? How can one tell?

This presentation will show the challenges and results of analyzing over 3,800 license records collected for the Army Software Maintenance Initiative. COTS data is challenging to track across license names, vendor identities, product versions, license coverage, license usage, license type, and, surprisingly, license cost. The analysis results discussed are from Post-Deployment Software Systems (PDSS) and Post-Production Software Systems (PPSS), some of which have been in operation for 35 years.

Implications to DoD’s future maintenance costs as well as implementing its DevSecOps objectives will be discussed.
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    Cheryl Jones
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Cheryl Jones is a senior systems engineer at the US Army Futures Command at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Ms. Jones is a technical lead for the Army Software Sustainment Cost Estimation initiative. The objective of this project is to provide the Department of the Army with the ability to accurately estimate, budget, allocate, and justify the software maintenance resources required to meet evolving mission and service affordability requirements across the system life-cycle.

    Ms. Jones is the technical lead and project manager of Practical Software and Systems Measurement and a primary author of Practical Software Measurement: Objective Information for Decision Makers. Ms. Jones is the DoD representative to the US Technical Advisory Group to International Standards Organization SC7, System and Software Engineering. She is a co-editor of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, Systems and Software Engineering: Systems Life Cycle Processes.
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    Brad Clark
    Software Measurement and Cost Estimation Consultant
    Bradford (Brad) Clark, is from the Boehm (formally USC) Center for Systems and Software Engineering. He is a software measurement and cost estimation consultant and a COCOMO expert. He co-authored, with Barry Boehm, “Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO® II” in 2000. He received a PhD in Computer Science from USC in 1997.