Current cloud cost estimating and pricing tools require detailed understanding of current and future architectures, including assumptions for 20-150+ technical parameters/inputs. Further, in execution, cloud usage is often managed with a stagnant budget based on the original specification and is not optimized for most efficient utilization as program requirements change. Technomics developed a parametric approach and toolset for estimating cloud lifecycle costs based on known programmatic requirements such as apps, data/video feeds, or satellite connectivity to design for efficiency and improve cost management. Through multi-variate regression analysis and a program requirements assessment, the cost model provides a linkage between customer technical and programmatic requirements to vendor pricing. The cost model has a modular and scalable framework enabling multiple cost scenarios and technical trades. After cloud migration and adoption, the cloud analytics dashboard helps evolve the operation to incorporate cost reduction and efficiency. The supporting tools include backend data ingest and storage to inform decisions related to usage and utilization by account/project in order to be more efficient with resources. Informative dashboards provide utilization and usage metrics, advancing real-time continual optimization by monitoring expenditures and managing cloud costs within budget allocations. Linking these tools together provides unique cloud management insights and deeper understanding of the cloud framework, enabling decisions that scale smartly to accommodate growth.
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    Alex Wekluk
    Associate Project Manager
    Alex Wekluk is an ICEAA Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA) and Employee Owner at Technomics, Inc. He has over sixteen years of experience performing cost, risk, and technical analyses for the DoD and the IC. He secured a USPTO patent for Marine Corps weapon design work and earned the IC Meritorious Unit Citation for exemplary performance identifying cost-reduction measures. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a MA in Economics from George Mason University. 
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    Ken Rhodes
    CAPM Associate Director
    Ken Rhodes is an ICEAA Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA), Project Manager, and Employee Owner at Technomics, Inc. He has over fifteen years of experience performing cost analysis and acquisition decision support for DoD customers. Currently, Mr. Rhodes develops life-cycle cost estimates, cost / price assessments, and data visualization products for software and IT programs. He holds a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering and MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.
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    RJ Krempasky
    Senior Analyst
    RJ is an ICEAA Professional Cost Estimator/Analyst (PCEA) and Employee Owner at Technomics, Inc. He performs cloud cost monitoring to assist customers with maintaining dev/prod environments and operations of mission critical systems within executable cost allocations. Mr. Krempasky develops cloud cost models, designs/configures databases, and creates data visualization tools.​ He holds a BA in History from Penn State University and an MS in Data Analytics from Western Governors University.