This is not a history lesson, however the comparison is uncanny. The industrial revolution changed the world from a handicraft economy into machine manufacturing and now we are seeing a transformation from software manufacturing to software factories. Software factories are rapidly popping up in the DoD, and they are a relatively new concept that we all have to learn fast. Estimating these factories has proven difficult as there is no historical precedent to lean on. Luckily, the Air Force is here to lead the charge! This presentation will include a software factory 101, estimating methodologies that utilize data we’ve collected, and lessons learned to improve the process such as the introduction of a recommended standard WBS for Software Factories leveraging DevSecOps processes that will aide in structuring a cost estimate. Consider this an invitation to make history together by shaping, standardizing, and implementing these initial software factory cost estimating methods!
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    Katherine Bradshaw
    Operations Research Analyst
    Ms. Katherine Bradshaw is an Operations Research Analyst for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA), Technology, C2, & Special Programs Division at the Hanscom Air Force Base Operating Location. She leads several software focused Independent Estimates and serves as the lead for the Software Factory Working Group.

    Ms. Bradshaw received her Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in finance from American Intercontinental University and Bachelors of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She is currently attending Naval Postgraduate School for her Masters in Cost
    Estimating and Analysis.