GAO’s DOD IT Quick Look provides an annual snapshot of how well major DOD IT programs are meeting cost and schedule expectations, programs’ use of software development and cybersecurity practices, and associated challenges. Among other things, this session will discuss GAO’s work examining DOD’s multi-billion dollar annual expenditure on its business system programs, cost and schedule outcomes, and reasons for program cost and schedule increases and rebaselines. The session will also include observations about programs’ efforts to use modern software development approaches and incorporate appropriate cybersecurity and supply chain risk management practices. In addition, the session will discuss challenges reported by programs, including challenges associated with cybersecurity.
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    Michael Holland
    Assistant Director, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, GAO
    Michael Holland is an Assistant Director in GAO’s IT and Cybersecurity team. During his 20 years at the agency, Mr. Holland has led and contributed to audits associated with a variety of topics, including business system modernization, Agile software development, terrorism information sharing, and enterprise architectures. He is responsible for the annual DOD IT Quick Look reports and leads work associated with DOD business and financial systems. In addition, he helped lead the development of GAO’s guidance for Agile software development in the federal government and advises audit teams across GAO on topics such as Agile software development and software modernization. He recently moved from Dallas, TX, to Boston, MA and is enjoying exploring his new home state.
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    Tyler Mountjoy
    Senior Analyst, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, GAO
    Tyler Mountjoy is a Senior Analyst on GAO’s IT and Cybersecurity Team. He is currently the Analyst-in-Charge responsible for the annual DOD IT Quick Look reports. He has also led and contributed to work focused on GAO’s DOD business systems high-risk area and financial management systems. During his 8 years at GAO, Mr. Mountjoy has contributed to audits associated with a variety of topics, including information security at VA and IRS and IT management at FEMA and at DHS’s Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program. He has also contributed to work associated with government-wide reviews of cybersecurity incident response and enterprise architectures. He advises audit teams across GAO on IT-related topics, including IT management, software development, and cybersecurity. In addition, he is co-chair of the ITC team’s Communications and Teamwork Advisory Group. He is from and currently lives in Northern Virginia, is an alum of Virginia Tech, and works out of GAO’s Washington, DC headquarters office.