As migration to the cloud becomes more ubiquitous, application owners need to determine the feasibility and, most critically, cost of migration. Currently, $30-75K of in-depth analysis is typically required to estimate the cost of migration for each application, causing a barrier to entry for some applications and creating a backlog in the hundreds of applications considering migration. The Cloud One Application Migration CER is a less resource-intensive estimating model that can provide an accurate estimate and facilitate buy down of the backlog.

The Cloud One Application Migration CER is a multiple regression model that predicts the costs of application migrations from legacy DOD environments to commercial cloud hosting environments. Independent variables were selected from a group of software application technical characteristics using backwards stepwise selection. Model validation was performed using Leave One Out Cross-Validation (LOOCV) and models were tested using the Predicted Residual Error Sum of Squares (PRESS) metric. Cost data was provided by the Cloud One program office, extracted from financial reports provided by the contractor system integrator. Technical data was extracted from application analysis reports provided prior to application migration.

The focus of the talk will be the methodologies for and results of a four year-long data collection and analysis effort on the cost and technical drivers of migrating legacy Air Force applications to the Air Force’s commercial cloud environments in Cloud One. This should be a great session for anyone interested in CER development, linear models, data collection and preparation, or cloud computing and application migration.
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    Vinny Papia
    Cost Analyst
    Vinny Papia is a cost analyst who has been working across the DoD for the last 15 years. During that time he has supported projects for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, and DHS focusing mostly on IT infrastructure and software systems. For the past eight years, Vinny has supported the Air Force’s Enterprise IT and Cyber Infrastructure division (AFLCMC/HNI), recently moving into the role of Cost Technical Director for the Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Networks Program Executive Office at Hanscom Air Force Base. During his time in HNI he spent four years collecting and analyzing data from the Cloud One program, the Air Force’s cloud computing platform, with the intention of understanding the cost drivers and predictive methods for migrations from legacy to cloud environments and cloud hosting. Since completing a master’s degree in Data Science in 2019, he has been working to introduce data science, business intelligence, and decision analysis techniques to cost analysis and program management across PEO C3I&N.