Problem: The lack of full visibility and accountability in the supply chain;  

Accountability and full visibility on the product journey remain key hurdles to streamline automation for just-in-time delivery or assembly; when will a shipment arrive? Where is my cargo now? Why can’t we find it in our yard or our supplier facility? How was it handled during the transport, any damage? Elie will be presenting their approach to unify global locations with his take on changing the status quo for asset tracking. Regardless of the advancement of IoT and GPS asset tracking, the current approach is to tag a product with barcode and/or RFID tags to locate an item manually or when it passes through specific gated RFID scanners. New IoT solutions have emerged to eliminate limitations in RFID and provide real-time indoor tracking in specific facilities such as warehouses and distribution centers or manufacturing. Similar tracking assets in trailers or trucks. The outcome is heavy investment in multiple technologies in addition to current investment in existing Barcode, RFID, GPS and satellite tracking systems. These new technologies solve specific problems without addressing the root cause of the problem - interoperability between different location technologies and silos solutions. Assetflo developed a unique location technology that solves this problem and eliminates the need for multiple tracking solutions: our vision is to evolve the technology to smart assets and not just smart facilities. This approach will provide the needed answers to increase visibility for different markets by filling the gaps and enabling a single device to report its location inside trailers, facilities, shelf or floor level, in-tunnels, or underground facility, as well as report how it’s being handled. In this presentation, Elie will provide an overview of a couple of these use cases and how the adoption of their approach can increase the level of automation across industry 4.0 . Assetflo is currently testing its solution in different verticals and Elie will demonstrate in this presentation their technology for seamless indoor/outdoor tracking for vehicle tracking in underground parking.
Thu, Jul 8, 2021 · 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Francisca Figueroa
Event and Partner Marketer
Gurminder Kandola
CEO at Datanaya
Co-founder and CEO of Datanaya & CTO Boost, Gurminder has propelled numerous companies into profitability. As the past CTO of Diply, Audiobooks.com, FanXchange and Viafoura, he defines and achieves strategic goals, aligns technology with business
objectives, enables new business models and introduces innovative technology programs to the market.
Elie Makhoul
Founder - CEO
Elie is a serial innovator who started multiple companies and successfully exited a
couple. He’s driven by solving large problems and is a deep thinker in different
markets and technologies ranging from IoT automation to location technology and
wireless networking.

He has a background in engineering, a master in aerospace and a portfolio of
patents, and is always looking to build things more efficiently and has applied his
skills in delivering many large scale projects with over 60 millions in budget to tier1
telco and fortune 500.

He founded assetflo based on an obsession to advance location technology for the
robotic revolution. In his role, he leads the company strategy, sales and product as
well as investor relations while still finding the time to code the company’s platform.

Elie is an advocate of the global and economic impact of entrepreneurship on our
society and always finds time to advise or mentor young entrepreneurs including
his own daughter who started her tech company at 16 years old.