Digital Transformation begins and ends with the customers, from the way you think about them to how you engage with them. It requires companies to assemble the right team around 4 major factors: Organizational change capacity, process people, technology, and data.
In this Digital transformation, session learn about myths, pitfalls, and best practices of digital transformation, and how companies are adapting to the market changes and how to increase the chances to succeed during a transformation. Join us!
Thu, Jul 8, 2021 · 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Gurminder Kandola
CEO at Datanaya
Gurminder Kandola is the former CTO of Diply, Audiobooks.com, FanXchange and Viafoura where he gained a deep understanding of how to effectively merge internal governance and security with real-time data applications to create the ultimate end-user experience. By capturing customers with strategic content marketing, real-time insights and predictive technology, his clients can consistently stimulate growth and ROI, while delivering an experience as unique as its user.
Event and Partner Marketer
I’m a passionate strategist and curious problem solver who loves helping brands turning around underperforming operations.
WHY? Most solutions are right there. Let me clear the fuss for you to see it.

HOW? through socially driven strategies, enhancing multicultural traits, brand personality, and sustainable use of resources.

Marketing is the perfect synergy between understanding your audience, highlighting that knowledge through your offerings, and identifying the best metrics that support your business reality.
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