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    It seems like we are all being asked to do more with the same amount of resources, and in some cases less resources. Managing and processing credit balances on patient accounts takes significant time. You can streamline and automate this process to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on processing credit balances and issuing refunds by using RefundManager®.

    Managing unapplied money in NextGen also takes a significant amount of time. If left undone, lingering unapplied balances can distort patient statements. You can automate this work to process unapplied balances at both the account level and encounter level. Using our Unapplied & Deposit Manager software saves significant time if the need is to clean up a backlog of unapplied money or the daily processing of unapplied money. If you take deposit money, it makes it easier to manage the deposit money for its intended use.

    RefundManager and Unapplied & Deposit Manager are both unique and powerful NextGen® Add-On Products that will streamline and automate your process and reduce the amount of time spent on these activities!

    Join this webinar to see how you can simplify and optimize the processing of credits, refunds and unapplied money within your organization:
    • Spend less time processing credit balances.
    • Easily distribute credit balances to encounters with open balances on patient accounts rather than issue a refund.
    • Easily issue refunds to patients and insurances.
    • Automate the processing of unapplied money on your patient accounts.
    • Effectively manage any deposit money received for its intended use.
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