About This Webinar
With 2021 in full swing, and competition at an all-time high, things can start to feel overwhelming in a hurry. When that happens, it’s easy to get distracted and veer quickly off course from those big goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

That’s why it’s never been more important to have the right mindset, skill sets, and tools to help you stay laser-focused on the things that are going to allow you to stay the course every day with less stress, more momentum-fueling action, and a whole lot more to smile about.

I’ve put together some of the best strategies and solutions in the business to help you stay focused, have more energy, and take your business to the next level this year. If you’re ready for that…

Get ready to learn the skills and tools you need to make every single day count, build listing inventory, grow your business, and even have some FUN! You won’t want to miss a MINUTE. 
  • How to ditch the distractions that can take you off course
  • How to prioritize daily activities to get maximum results
  • The time and money management tools that should take center stage this year
  • How to break goals down into manageable, achievable blocks
  • How to stay motivated and committed to your Next Level
  • Forms, checklists and tools for success and accountability
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    Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis has been a speaker and coach in the real estate business for more than 25 years. What makes him different? He's all about skills - the kind that not only help agents find success, but also a career worth smiling about. Want to generate more listing inventory, feel more authentic as an agent, and have more joy while doing it? Darryl is the real estate coach for the job!