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    Join Dale Sidebottom and Andy Hair for a webinar for the ages. Both educators are regarded as the two most energetic educators on the planet. They are coming together to host a FREE one-hour event together, where they will provide ten new ideas for teachers and students to use at home and school.

    With the Coronavirus closures around Asia and other parts of the world, Dale and Andy wanted to team up to share some exciting new resources they have created that they will give away for FREE for the first 100 people who register.

    The lesson ideas and concepts have been carefully designed in a fun way so that teachers and students can 'take care of themselves' while not attending school each day.

    If you sign up but can attend the live recording, we will send you the reply to watch in your own time. Remember, the first 100 only will have access to the ten free resources that Dale and Andy will be giving away.

    This webinar simply can't afford to miss, and please feel free to share with other teachers and friends you teach with, as this is a FREE once-off event with two world-class educators in the one room.
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