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    In times like these, when great changes are being thrust upon us, it is essential to have tools to help manage our Mental / Emotional Wellbeing and survive ourselves. Whether it be through the struggles of isolation, accepting a new norm or initiating changes in ourselves that will ultimately define a new version of who we are.

    Topic Points:

    1. You always have a choice – it might not be the choice you want (non-essential shutdowns), but how you feel and respond to the changes that are thrust upon you are 100% your choice and in your control.

    2. Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset – The brain makes up 2-3% of your body weight but uses more than 20% of its energy. It takes a considerable amount of more energy (Calories) to change the way you think than it does to change the evidence in front of you. Nutrition is key in times like these.

    3. Changing the way you think, to change the way you feel. Think better to feel better. You have the pen, just change the story.

    4. Reflect, Connect, and Embrace - a methodology of change. To help people deal with and or initiate change in there lives that allow for optimal positive consideration of both their mental and emotional well-being.
    How it works: This Method can be used against large scale life changes as they arise or minute by minute as daily life happens. It is a tool for self-awareness, self-love and personal change.

    5. REFLECT – This is a look into the past that has brought you to this point. The stories you are telling yourself about yourself when you are by yourself. It is about healthy self-awareness, not judging. But remaining neutral about your past and understanding that all the resources you may be looking for today, are found there. Do not judge them, for they are who you are and have informed you to be the person you are today. The lessons of today come from our experiences of the past.
    Example – In the movie Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo Dicaprio plays Frank Abigail, a con man that spent most of his life being chased by the FBI for his illegal actions. By the end, we see that the knowledge and resources Frank gained from this bad behaviour became the resource of knowledge for later helping the FBI build the framework of how to catch endless criminals in the future.

    6. CONNECT – This is about the Present, connecting with who you are today and who you want to be in the future. Reaching out and connecting with the resources you have identified in your reflections to help connect you with where you want to be.
    Build a Blutonium List – Blutoniums are the people, place and things in your life that give you energy, purpose and meaning. The opposite being the kryptonites that steal your energy, focus and power. Blutoniums are connection points that help give you the energy necessary to help change your way out of negative thoughts and feelings.

    7. EMBRACE – this is where gratitude and acceptance lives. Truly embracing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be today because that is the very launching pad to get you to where you want to be tomorrow.
    Example: Make a gratitude list. A physical list that is real and tangible. What are the things in your life that you are truly grateful to have? Once you honour them with your appreciation, you make room to accept the new gifts the world is dying to give you.

    “No 2 things can occupy the same space.
    “Where there is gratitude, there can be no despair”

    8. “Leave it at the side of the road”. You may not be able to control the things that happen to you in your life but each day you can choose whether or not to carry it!

    Scott Miller is the founder and creator of I Coach Connect. In 2019 at 44 years of age, Scott decided to change one thing about his life... Everything! Not because he didn't already have a good life and a ton to be grateful for but because he knew he wanted more. Scott realized he wanted to help people in a way that genuinely made their lives better. And from there, I Coach Connect was created.

    So after 15 years an Actor, Acting Coach and Leader in Corporate Hospitality. Scott left his job and started training to be a Transitional Life Coach.
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