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Ryan Fahey is a 2x Author and international speaker of all things wellness, personal growth and leadership related. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Ryan has dedicated his life to pursuing wellness and is leading the way globally in the Education, Sport and Leadership sectors.

These are turbulent times. With the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting all systems and especially formal education sectors, one thing we have to remember at the core is that we must be well to teach well. This includes the online form as well.

This webinar is aimed at helping you through this teaching chapter by equipping you with the tools found in my latest book titled, "Your Best Decade" so that you can be well professionally, personally and relationally.

Our well-being as educators is as important as ever and I look forward to helping you support your well-being through this webinar. As a participant of this webinar, I will also be sending you my free digital wellness toolkit which you can use both in your secondary courses and in your own lives as well.

Keep well!

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Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books, Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Better World Books
Free wellness action planner for everyone on today’s webinar
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