About This Webinar
Learn how to create a powerful, safe, and purposeful workplace culture with The Culture Design Canvas.

Join Gustavo Razzetti, the creator of the Culture Design Canvas, and you'll learn:

- Why innovation requires a culture of participation, not silence
- How to use the Culture Design Canvas to design fearless cultures
- The power of team rituals, psychological safety, and ongoing feedback
- How successful companies have designed fearless cultures
- How to address cultural tensions to move your team forward
Gustavo Razzetti
CEO/Founder, Liberationist - Change Leadership
Gustavo is a sought-after speaker, change facilitator, consultant and author of 3 books: Stretch for Change (A 2017 Soundview Best Business Book), Stretch Your Team and Stretch Your Mind – all of which are available on Amazon.

He is the founder and CEO of Liberationist a change consultancy that future proofs your workplace culture and the creator of the Culture Design Canvas.

For over 25 years, Gustavo and the teams he works with have been turning the business world on its head - creating profit, new-found purpose, and genius innovation in the process.
Zach Blumenfeld
Co-Founder, CultureCon
Zach Blumenfeld’s motto, Make What You Do Matter, speaks volumes about how he leads his life. His commitment to working to improve the lives of others are qualities that influenced the start of CultureCon. In additional to CultureCon, Zach was also Co-Founder/COO of ThirdSpace, a workplace culture software, as well as a founder of numerous other startups. Zach is passionate about fixing the broken workplace. Zach speaks at events across the globe including: The University of Wisconsin Innovation Conference, DisruptHR, and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) on topics that include: culture, engagement, innovation, generational differences in the workplace, and connecting your team to the mission of the organization.