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    PELLET COOLING is a dynamic process that involves simultaneous heat and mass transfer between the pellets and the cooling air. In this session will review and discuss what is needed, in terms of equipment and processes, and how to achieve efficient pellet cooling.

    CRUMBLING is designed to reduce the size of pellets and break them into crumbles for specific feed applications such as poultry starter feeds. To achieve the desirable outcome, amongst others, one ought to consider, roller type in use, roller speed, roller gap and the capacity of the equipment. All of which will be covered during the session.

    Finally, the session will take a look at SIEVING equipment and highlight the best practices required for removing undersized particles or fines created during the pelleting and cooling process, and how those are recycling back into the system
  • Agenda
    • Topic 1: Coolers and Cooling Process
    • Topic 2: Crumblers and Crumbling and Sieving Process
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