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    The role and importance of supporting equipment is reviewed throughout the milling process.

    Specific attention is given for LIQUID ADDITIONS at the mixer and post pelleting as well as alternative application methods for non-conventional liquids or more advanced feed additive.

    In this session, the use of EXPANDERS as an aid to the conditioning process is considered and we will take a look at not only how this technology works but also visit its benefits to a livestock feed manufacture.

    Finally, we will be looking at equipment that are required to provide best conditions for storing commodities such as grains, oils seeds and pulses. We will discuss GRAIN COOLING as an alternative to the usual approach of protection of grains, oil seeds and pulses. Grain cooling prevents not only physiologic degradation and spoilage of grain but also protects of hazard as fungi development, weevil infestation and water condensation. Overall, the topic will explore grain cooling as total solution for protection of stored commodities to maintain quality and quantity.
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