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  • Mr. Lukas Manomaitis on the Importance of Learning and Development
  • Mr. Philip Kemp on In-Pond Raceway System AgriSchool Short Course
  • Mr. Joe Kearns on Aqua Feed Production Online Milling School
  • Dr. Thomas Wilson on Aqua Nutrition AgriSchool Short Course
  • Mr. Patrick White on Marine Fish offshore Pen Aquaculture AgriSchool
  • Mr. Hsiang Pin Lan on Marine Fish offshore Pen Aquaculture AgriSchool
  • Mr. Ryan Celis on Livestock Feed Production Online Milling School
  • Dr. Wayne Johnson on Online Swine Training International School; Swine Diseases
  • Mr. Tony Edwards on Online Swine Training International School ; Swine Nutrition
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In 1981, Jon Ratcliff, an honor graduate from Reeding University, joined national UK feed company J Bibby Agriculture as a Poultry Nutritionist. During his fifteen years with J Bibby, and latterly Associated British Foods, he undertook vaiours management positions culminating in his appointment as General Manager in 1990 and Commercial Manager in 1994 responsible for 4 multi species feed mills producing 450,000 tonnes per annum.

In 1996, he left to set up his own consultancy business, Food & Agriculture Consultancy Services (F.A.C.S. Ltd.) As well as providing a nutritional service, F.A.C.S. specializes in the implementation and audit of HACCP based food safety programs from farm through to processing. For more than 15 years, Jon has been consulting for the UK's leading supermarket, Tesco, on matters relating to animal feed and animal feed mill and supply chain auditing. He has considerable experiences in feed mill systems across the world and provides seminars and training on HACCP and GMP specifically for feed mills.
Managing Director
YIANNIS CHRISTODOULOU. Yiannis, an accomplished agribusiness executive, is currently the Managing Director of Agentis Innovations®, Progressus®, and Athene Consulting, all companies he founded since 2011. Yiannis core strengths and specialization is established in the field of leadership, people and business development as well as in the application of digital technology in agriculture.

Yiannis has held a number of technical and senior management positions in the livestock and aquaculture farming and feed milling industry in Asia over the last 25 years. Before starting his own agribusiness companies, Yiannis worked with reputable international animal nutrition companies in roles such as poultry specialist, sales professional, general manager and director of Asia Pacific region.

Yiannis graduated from Scottish Agricultural College in Poultry Production and Management, from Wye Collage-University of London with a BSc in Animal Agriculture and in 2014 obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Leading Innovation and Changes in Organization from York St. John University in UK.

Today, Yiannis is in a unique position whereby through his own organizations, he can directly assist agribusinesses to act on two of their success fundamentals; their people development and the adoption of digital technology and automation systems.
Lukas is the Technical Director for the USSEC Southeast Asian Aquaculture Program and has a global role to advise the USSEC Global Aquaculture Director on aquaculture technical matters. He was involved in the expansion of the both the USSEC Aquaculture Program from China to a global program in 2002 and in the expansion of the In-Pond Raceway System technology from China to a global program starting in 2015. He is based in Thailand, but travels often in the Southeast Asian region and regularly to other global regions for USSEC. He is the Managing Director of Seafood Consulting Associates and has worked professionally in the aquaculture industry since 1995. He has worked closely with the key IPRS experts to formalize a standardized approach to the IPRS system for better adoption and profitability. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Auburn University in the USA.
has over 50 years of experience in freshwater and marine aquaculture including commercial production and academia. He has been involved with aquaculture since 1969 when he started growing channel catfish on the family farm. There he built ponds and a 10-segment raceway system for growing channel catfish. His primary career was in academia where he taught and advised aquaculture and seafood marketing clients. He worked in extension for North Carolina State University and taught the Aquaculture Technology program for Carteret Community College. His education goal was to produce a competent workforce trained with the hands-on skills and knowledge to excel in the aquaculture business and for matriculation to higher education. College courses included both practical hands-on skills and the complimentary classroom subjects of Aquaculture Principles, Water Quality, Nutrition and Diseases, Genetics, Hatchery Management, Aquaculture Facilities, and AquaBusiness. He excelled at developing innovative learning modules, production methods, technical problem solving, and seafood marketing concepts. Post-retirement he now assists clients with technical aquaculture problem solving, coaching, and workforce training. A major client is the USSEC- In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) project responsible for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt.
Aquaculture Nutritionist
Dr. Thomas has a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and a MSc in Aquaculture, and PhD in Fish Nutrition from the University of Washington School of Fisheries, Washington, USA. His expertise is in Aquaculture feed technology and feed mill design. He served the aquaculture industry in Asia for 23 years. In 1992, he began his career at the Unicord Feed Company in Samut Sakorn, Thailand as a nutritionist and feed formulator for catfish, vegetarian fish feed, and shrimp feed. In 1995, he joined Aquastar Limited, Songkhla, Thailand as a manager, Feed Quality R&D - shrimp feed. After 1996, Dr. Thomas worked at Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co., Ltd., at the factories in Samut Songkhram and Petchaburi, Thailand. He was a nutritionist and formulator for fish feed and then manager of the fish feed factory and shrimp feed formulation. In 2006, he became Vice President with oversight on fish feed and shrimp feed production, R&D, and quality control. Dr. Thomas has been consulting for Aquaculture Nutrition. He has considerable experience of the aquaculture feed industry in Asia.
42 years at Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. Retired assisting Meridian-Biotech as Director of Sales for advanced single-cell proteins for aquatic and animal feeds. Formed JPKearns Consulting for feed and pet-food projects. Presently consulting in the Feed Industry on extrusion projects, their use, situation solving, and related topics. Technical Consultant for Grand Fish Feed in Egypt.
Patrick White is a specialist in fish hatchery and fish production, responsible planning and sustainable management of aquaculture, Climate Change impacts on aquaculture and the impact of aquaculture on the environment. He has over 42 years of experience in the aquaculture sector and has worked in Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and most often in Asia and the Pacific Region in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. He has worked in aquaculture research, in the commercial fish farming sector as well as an aquaculture consultant.
Hsiang Pin Lan is the Asia Marine Aquaculture Specialist based Taiwan. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in Aquaculture) from Ping Tung Technology Institute and MS in Fisheries from Auburn University. He is an AquaMed Certified (2010) by Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine in Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. He joined the ASA-IM/USSEC aquaculture program in China in the year 2000. His main responsibilities are in marine cage culture and disease management research, soybean product application in marine fish feeds and field trials of the ASA-IM/USSEC offshore cage aquaculture technology (OCAT) project in Asia, including countries in Southeast Asia, including Philippines. He is a member of the Fish Breeding Association, Taiwan and is certified by that organization as a Hatchery QC Inspection Professional. His main interests are in learning more about the use of soy product in marine fish feed (with proper weaning and feeding methods) and alternative offshore aquaculture device development and application.
Mr Tony Edwards is an Australian animal nutritionist who has been involved in commercial feed milling, livestock production, research and industry training for the past 45 years. Positions he has held include: Manager, Elders Research Centre; Technical Manager, Metro Farms; Group Nutritionist, Bunge Meat Industries. He established his own consulting business - ACE Livestock Consulting Pty Ltd in South Australia in 1994. He currently services a wide client base across a broad spectrum of livestock species, but with a particular emphasis on pigs consulting to approximately one third of the Australian pig industry, also with clients in New Zealand and Asia. He consults widely for international companies and local companies within Asia, providing feed formulation, technical support, presenting seminars and training workshops. Tony combines comprehensive experience in animal nutrition, and production with an ability to condense research finding into applied practical technology for the pig industry. Tony Edwards is also a partner of BECAN Consulting Pty Ltd. This team of experienced professionals in the field of animal nutrition research and commercial application have contracts to provide a range of nutrition services in Asia.
Wayne Johnson grew up on a grain and livestock farm in rural southern Illinois. He has degrees in Biology and Veterinary Science and received his DVM from the University of Illinois in 1980. He has been active in swine production medicine consulting since 1979 and has served customers all over the USA and China, and also in Canada, Brazil, and Vietnam. He currently is a senior consultant at Enable Ag-Tech, a swine consulting, training, and diagnostic center based at Beijing.
Feed Mill Owner and Feed Mill Engineering Consultant
A mechanical engineer by training Ryan started with San Miguel Philippines in 1988 and undertook various positions, including head of Maintenance, Plant Engineer and latterly Manufacturing Manager for the company’s feed milling operations based in Manila.

He set up his own engineering and consultancy company in 1998 specializing in project engineering, feed mill construction and fabrication and project management

He currently runs his own feedmill in southern Philippines contract manufacturing for various feed companies