About this Webinar
Have you always wanted to learn how to shuck your own oysters? Well now you can! In partnership with Oysters XO, Shell-A-Bration will provide all you need to learn how to shuck oysters like a pro.

Treat yourself to the ultimate oyster experience as we celebrate our Oyster Shell Recycling Program!
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    Rifko Meier'
    Oysters XO
    The concept of our Oester Meisjes (Oyster Girls) started in Amsterdam as an original culinary catering experience. Dutch art dealer Rifko Meier brought the idea to New York and founded the raw bar oyster catering company Oysters XO in 2012. Meier is an oyster expert and is passionate about pairing them with the world’s best wines.

    Since our establishment, Oysters XO has garnered a loyal press following throughout the U.S. and catered iconic New York City venues for top companies in their respective industries. We also cater non-profit and private events, including weddings, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah celebrations, and fundraisers.
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    Kimberly Davis Reyher
    Executive Director
    Kimberly Reyher is the executive director of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. She gets excited about the idea of oysters growing huge and then dying of old age so that baby oysters can grown upon them, as part of expansive reefs along the northern Gulf coast that protect the coast of Louisiana and provide great habitat for fish. But she also enjoys oysters raw or charbroiled with lots of garlic and butter and a cold IPA.
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    Marissa Allweiss Wendte
    Development & Membership Director
    Marissa is the Director of Development and Membership for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. While she is a born and raised New Orleanian, she is embarrassed to admit that she just started liking raw oysters only a few years ago. Now, it's her favorite way to eat them other than chargrilled with a little (or a lot) of garlic. While slurping down her oysters, she enjoys sipping local beer, just as long as it's not an IPA.
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    James Karst
    Communications and Marketing Director
    James is the director of communications and marketing at the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. He is also a professional competitive eater and once placed fourth in the International Federation of Competitive Eating’s oyster eating world championship (15 dozen oysters in 8 minutes). His favorite way to eat oysters is on the half-shell, but he’ll also take them chargrilled or fried. His beverage of choice with oysters is a cheap can of beer.