With the Big Reset, every company is having to navigate this uncharted terrain by completely re-imagining and re-engineering the employee experience blueprint, which includes the future of work and talent retention and development.

With the right employee experience strategies, this crisis can become an opportunity for HR leaders and managers to move their organizations forward and create even more value and impact rather than going back to the status quo.

During this pandemic, research is showing that the organizations which prioritize and invest in their people are outperforming their peers. “People” are the most resilient part of any organization. When people are supported, cared for, and empowered the entire organization can thrive and grow.

That’s why maximizing employee experience -- the key moments that matter -- is a major strategic advantage. It provides organizations with a critical edge over their competitors, making them unstoppable and irresistible. They can scale and innovate faster, lower costs, increase productivity, attract and retain talent, and improve the customer experience.

However, pre-Covid, the vast majority of organizations were doing a poor job supporting their employees and creating the environment for them to thrive. A 2019 Gartner study found that only 13% of employees reported being fully satisfied with their experience. It also found that only 29% of employees felt supported and understood by HR.

HR leaders have a very difficult challenge ahead of them. It comes down to understanding the human performance equation and how to quickly maximize it in this ever-changing, unpredictable, and uncertain landscape.

(Hint: People don’t come to work for free lunches. They come to work to accomplish great things. The most engaged, happy, and successful people feel truly fulfilled in their roles, so building high-levels of trust, connection, growth, and inspiration are absolutely critical for them.)

Attendees will learn how to design, align, and incorporate those strategies and tactics with the organization's business strategy to achieve an impactful ROI. You will return to your team with the tools to advise others on how to develop, connect with, empower, lead, motivate, support, and inspire their leaders, managers, colleagues, and employees.
Mon, Jun 27, 2022 · 11:55 AM
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