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    Data driven software development team leaders know that there is insight in their team data. With the right information at the right time, great managers can identify which teams need help, spot and fix troublesome bottlenecks, and prevent team burnout and attrition. Throughput is a popular pacing metric that reveals the number of distinct pieces of user functionality (tickets, bugs, stories, etc.) delivered in a specific period of time, preferably weekly or biweekly. By measuring throughput, you’re looking for alignment with your goals — if you’re focused on squashing bugs, you should see a healthy mix of defect tickets being resolved, and if you are focused on features, more featured tickets will be delivered than chores and bugs. If the team is blocked, throughput will drop, and it’s time to dig into root causes. Throughput can help you with capacity planning by comparing the average throughput against the current workload to help understand possibly overloading of the team. A stable throughput indicates the health of your value stream in terms of predictably delivering working software.

    In this webinar, we will show you how throughput will help your teams
    -predict the future or the done date
    -plan out the value the team is capable of delivering
    -track performance and productivity over time
    -check if process changes are positively or negatively affecting the rate of work
    -make process or people changes if there is unstable throughput
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