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    Imagine this: your support team receives a ticket in Cherwell to say there is a software issue. The team member then has to contact the development team, which uses Azure DevOps, by email to let them know of the issue. There is then a series of follow-up emails between the two teams and the situation becomes confusing as there are no processes or viability in place. There’s duplication of effort and/or incidents are logged incorrectly or maybe even incompletely. Sounds familiar, right?

    Have you ever considered if your automation is robust enough to guarantee that you can deploy zero-defect production releases consistently? When agile development teams prioritize a review and, ideally, resolve defects, the incidents or other ticket types captured in ITSM or ITOM tools should reflect the current status. This can happen only when the dev tools are synchronized with the ops tools.

    In this webinar, we will show you how connecting some of the incident management tools (here Azure DevOps and Cherwell) will increase collaboration between the customer service and development teams. Automation of some of the steps in this process will lead to faster issue resolution, improved customer satisfaction, improved visibility into business requirements, removal of collaboration bottlenecks and mitigation of SLA issues, quality concerns or financial loss.
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