We are all driven by our primal brains to survive. As we perceive threats, we react with an urge to fight, flight, or freeze. These reactions can also stem from our childhoods, positive or negative, and can also be understood and controlled.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of and control the expression of your emotions and is the key to personal and professional success. Emotional intelligence also includes our ability to handle interpersonal relationships judicially and empathetically.

Joanne Dougan is a therapist, emotional intelligence coach, and long-time cannabis consumer. Joanne created Plan C Strategie, which are emotional intelligence skills for smart, super sensitive people who want to stop reacting and handle everything that happens in their lives brilliantly. Plan C Strategies are emotional intelligence tools that anyone can implement easily so that when their primal brain is in control, they know how to handle it like a fully developed 21st-century human.

Join Joanne Dougan to learn about emotional intelligence and her thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on cannabis based on her 40-year-plus history as a cannabis consumer.
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    Joanne Dougan, M.Ed.
    Therapist, Emotional Intelligence Educator, and long-time cannabis consumer
    Joanne grew up in New York City and her high school years coincided with the hippie movement. With a best friend who had an older brother, she first got turned on in 1968. Moroccan hash. In a metal kazoo. In my friend’s bathroom, leaning out the window looking over Broadway and 82nd Street. She has never looked back and all these years later is a daily pot smoker. Joints hand rolled with a paper filter.

    She always knew she wanted to help people yet it took years for her to be confident enough to apply and go to graduate school. Once she completed the program, she opened a private practice on August 8, 1988. Originally known as The PMS Lady, sensitive and intelligent women filled her office in downtown Boston in private sessions as well as in The Goals and Empowerment Team groups.

    Fast forward 25 years, she realized there were limitations to therapy and she had developed skills that she wanted to use, but felt constrained by what is supposed to be therapy. Her tools and style, if implemented, WERE NOT THERAPY.

    Since 2015, Joanne has been helping people how to become their own best therapist with Plan C Strategies. The focus of her work is to teach people the skills she used as a therapist to understand what was happening for her clients.