Recorded Thu, June 30, 2022 1:06 pm (EDT)
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    If you haven't yet experienced the phenomenon that is Block Therapy, you can check it out here:

    If you have purchased the blocks, or taken part in the 9-day Sampler Program I offered as a gift in my last eNewsletter, this is definitely for you. It will be useful if you have at least completed the first day or 2 of the Sampler Program so that we can get right into on Thursday.

    If you are a block newbie, or haven't had time to start the 9-day Sampler Program. I will start the webinar with a brief overview to bring everyone up to speed on the starting 'belly position' and there will be visuals on screen for where to place your towel or block. 

    If you don't yet have a block, you can use your rolled-up towel.

    What You Will Need:

    1. Your Block Buddy or a towel.
    2. Mat or comfortable surface to lie on. You can also do this in bed.
    3. Room to lie down.
    4. Comfortable clothing/gym wear.

    Webinar Format

    We will start with a brief overview of the Block Therapy and a reminder of the belly position. From there I will take you through a series of specially selected positions to address some of the areas mentioned during the pre-survey, during which we will do a Guided Meditation or Energy Clearing for each.

    The Modalities

    I will be approaching this from the Geerd Hamer New Medicine perspective, and using a mix of Huna, Access Consciousness, Timeline Therapy, and perhaps a dash of EmoTrance.

    Your Location

    If you usually sit in your office to listen to webinars, clear some space on the floor, or listen in on a device so that you can participate lying down.
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    • Session Overview & Rationale
    • Block Therapy Belly Position
    • Block Therapy Body Positions
    • Guided Pain Release & Energy Clearing Processes
    • Feedback, Questions & Close
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