About This Webinar
The success of your practice will depend more than anything else on the quality of your business decisions, and those decisions will typically be made on the foundation of a sound understanding of your business itself. In this session, learn the nuts and bolts of:
  • Two key financial statements to understand and configure correctly.
  • What eight ratios are the most important, and how they work together. What levers do you pull to make changes.
  • Benchmarks for experts like yourself—what’s normal performance and what’s exceptional performance? How long does it take and what difference will it make?
  • How busy should you be and when and how should you grow…safely.
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    I am on a mission to improve the outdated marketing services model through a shared economy Clients & Jobs, Niche Expert Talent, and Business Resources.

    Unlike most Agencies, Freelancers and Consultants Communo members choose an alternative operating model that is proven to lower fixed costs, increase revenue, enable rapid scalability and create an powerful competitive positioning.

    If you're run an Agile Agency, Consultancy or Freelance Operation with a Niche Marketing Service focus then let's chat — you may be a fit for Communo
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    David Baker
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    David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor helping entrepreneurial experts make better business decisions.