It will soon be safe to hold in-person events again. In fact, in some places, it already is. As community managers are beginning to plan these events for their members, they may be asking...how can I integrate the community experience into an in-person event?  

In this session, attendees will learn tactics that will promote and incorporate the community before, during, and after your event and get inspired by examples of communities who have had success integrating Community and in-person events.
Jenny Weigle
Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant, Jenny.Community, LLC
Jenny Weigle is a community strategist and consultant based in Los Angeles. After a number of years with Khoros, Jenny is launching her very own consulting practice in June 2021 to help brands define and execute on their community strategy. Specifically, she will assist with creating or refining a strategy plan and roadmap, coaching new community managers, and building or auditing plans for VIP programs. Jenny has worked with brands such as Sephora, Google, Airbnb, Pinterest, Intuit, Cisco, and Samsung. When she is not geeking out on all-things-community, you can find her enjoying Crossfit, time in the outdoors, poetry, theme parks, and being active with her family.