All about the Ritual is a talk about the importance of rituals within a community. WIth particular attention to new and micro communities, we will get into what rituals can look like, a process for creating them, real examples from communities I've hosted and a Q&A. The attendee will walk away with cogent examples that have worked for me as well as a solid system for getting new rituals started at any time. This talk is timely, as we're still in the midst of the pandemic where various forms of burnout are sky high and communities are struggling to attract consistent engagement while simultaneously seeing more people than ever want to be involved in communities - a true catch 22. The rituals in this presentation will provide great inspiration and discussion for increasing the stickiness of any community, but most specifically new and micro ones.
Victoria Cumberbatch
Community Manager, Osmosis - Knowledge Diffusion
Born & raised New Jersey, USA, but have lived around the globe. Over 5 years of leading & managing communities, both IRL & digitally after graduating from the U of Maryland. Founded & ran a web series, Anderson Street, in order to foster dinner-table conversation again. Currently CM at Osmosis.