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Horner Automation
  • Tuesday, April 6, 2021 · 2:00 PM EDT
    Ever accidently “brick” an OCS during an ill-fated firmware update procedure? It can happen to the best of us. Join us for another “How-to” session as we detail how to fully recover and get back up and running in no time.
  • Tuesday, March 30, 2021 · 2:00 PM EDT
    While they’ve been around forever - there is still a wide variety of automation equipment that still communicate using serial ports. In this session - we’ll review all there is to know about this tried and true method of interfacing with bar code ...
  • Wednesday, March 24, 2021 · 2:00 PM EDT
    Join us as we launch the newest Horner Automation product - the Horner Mobile App! We’ll review everything it has to offer today - and where it’s headed in the future. This will help you get up and running with the latest piece of Horner technol...
  • Tuesday, March 23, 2021 · 2:00 PM EDT
    Horner OCS All-in-one Controllers are some of the most versatile automation products available anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to try one out on a project - we’ll walk you through the process of getting started.
  • Tuesday, March 16, 2021 · 2:00 PM EDT
    Do your machine operators speak a variety of languages? Do you export your machine to multiple countries? Learn how to configure a Horner OCS All-in-one Controller to easily switch between multiple languages at the press of a button.
  • Wednesday, March 10, 2021 · 2:00 PM EST
    Variable Frequency Drives are versatile devices for motor control, pump control, fan control - you name it. And a control system featuring a VFD and a Horner OCS All-in-one Controller is hard to beat. Join us as we explore the integration of the...
  • Blank-2
    Friday, March 5, 2021 · 1:30 PM EST
    Test for Chuck & Casey
  • Blank-1
    Friday, February 5, 2021 · 10:00 AM EST
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