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  • Thursday, December 10, 2020 · 4:00 PM GMT
    You are used to writing what others think, but what about expressing what YOU think? You need to know the reasons and ways to do it if you want to master academic writing. 
  • Monday, December 7, 2020 · 5:00 PM GMT
    Research boosts continue through the end of the year. For anyone who wants a bit of motivation or to get their research questions answered, this series has been requested by other students to continue. We are happy to do so. Mondays through Dec...
  • Wednesday, December 2, 2020 · 5:00 PM GMT
    1 - we'll discuss what has gone on and work being done 2 - a short topical discussion on something that has come up, relevant to all 3 - goal setting for the next two weeks 4 - a review of work-as-data to help everyone understand how the examine...
  • Series of webinars
    This series includes Ethical Issues When Developing a Thesis Biases in Your Research Writing a problem statement: What a problem? Committees, Defense, and Publishing! The End Games All About Literature 2: Writing it up so it f...
  • OMG, How do I do this?
    Looking for a way to move forward, even during disruption? This series of 5 pre-recorded webinars is devoted to help you have a clear picture of what you are expected to do in your dissertation and how to fulfill such expectation. By watching ...
  • Academic Writing Series
    Looking for a way to move forward, even during disruption? This series on Academic Writing may be one solution. Included are 5 webinars chosen as a group to help you unpack the subtleties in academic writing. By watching these 5, you will be 5...
Open Office Hours
  • Thursday, May 6, 2021 · 5:00 PM BST
    This is a place to get your research design ideas or questions sorted out so that you can move ahead. Once a month you can go to www.wooclap.com/preproposal and put in all the questions you want - Dr. E. Alana James will answer them during open o...
  • Thursday, May 13, 2021 · 5:00 PM BST
    You have your data! Bravo! Now you are on the downhill side of the work of graduate school. This group meets once a month on the second Thursday at 5pm GMT - noon Eastern. Come with questions or just to see what others in the global research c...
15 Minutes Series
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Our mission is to work closely with universities to improve graduate/postgraduate retention and completion. We do that through providing personalized professional development portals/apps and tools. These webinars are one of those tools.
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